Spencer Ludwig is a proud half-Filipino born and raised in Los Angeles California. Picking up the trumpet at the late age of 17 he is now 24 years old and making his mark in the indie/EDM world. Since studying jazz at the California Institute of the Arts, gigging regularly in LA and holding a teaching position at Oakcoowd School in North Hollywood, CA he has been the featured trumpeter in the indie-pop group Capital Cities since the fall of 2011He can also be found playing along side DJ Jason Stiegler, Drummer Channing C. Holmes & Vibraphonist Justin Thomas in their project, the Ludwig & Stiegler Co.  

He has also been known to make appearances on stage with Foster the PeoplePortugal. the Man, Fitz and the Tantrumsthe Wailers, RAC, Poolside, Cherub, Holy Child, The Mowglis, The Royal Concept, Midi Matilda, Dreamers, Mia Moretti, the Dolls and Rumer Willis and when he's back in his hometown he can usually be found in the house band at the Sayer's Club or with his gypsy-punk project, Duk.

When he was 16 years old he founded a 501(c)3 non profit called $2 Showswhich hosted monthly multi-media events that showcased the best local musical and visual talent to bring awareness to local causes. Since then he has teamed up with Maceo Paisley of Paisley Sockwear to create #SpencerSockSunday - a weekly event that encourages social media followers to commit a random act of kindness for a chance to win a pair of Spencer's signature socks. He has also teamed up with 1800Flowers to create a similar philanthropic monthly campaign called #1800FlowersFromSpencer, which encourages his social media followers to commit a random act of kindness in exchange for a $20 credit towards a bouquet of flowers that can be sent anywhere in the world.

He currently sits on the board of directors for Global Act, a global community of the most eclectic and accomplished individuals committed to using their influence, relationships and talents to collectively accelerate measurable impact on a range of pressing global issues. (www.globalact.org)

He is endorsed by XO Brass and performs on the sterling silver plated 1602 Bb trumpet.

In an attempt to share his performing experiences from the trumpet's perspective he has teamed up with GoPro to form #TRUMPETVISION, which can be viewed on his YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/spencerwig)

Spencer is recognized by his extremely passionate performing style, unique fashion sense, love for collaboration and his dedication to philanthropy and music education.