“This is a record. In more than one way.”

JD Samson & MEN Announce Labor Set To Hit October 22

First Single All The Way Thru Streaming On Pitchfork Today!

“A record of a moment.” 

In the strictest sense, JD Samson & MEN have made a record – the recorded sum of a decade of countless events. Burnished by the presence and the absence of individuals, time, and critical process. Refined in rage and frustration, clarified in dedication, and hope. “Labor”, set to hit October 22 is a journey, an unraveling and a coming together, a melding of the familiar and the unknown. Incredible first single "All The Way Thru" is available now for stream via Pitchfork and for purchase tomorrow via iTunes and directly from MEN.  The "All The Way Thru" EP, including remixes from the likes of Eli Escobar, Lauren Flax and others will be available for pre-order on August 13th and on-sale August 20th.  

JD Samson is no stranger to producing aural gold, from her days in radical rock outfit Le Tigre, to MEN’s critically acclaimed first release, 2011’s Talk About Body and now, Labor, rife with tracks that simultaneously frenzy body and mind. However, this record charts an obvious and cathartic new course in the evolution of MEN. Musically Labor ably laces gorgeous beats and synths with one of the most versatile voices in contemporary music while lyrically, Samson offers up insights that are as much at home on rock club stages as in therapists’ offices, plumbing the depths of the deepest loathing, and the transcendence of togetherness. What JD Samson & MEN have created is a sonic estuary, a place where Samson, MEN co-hort Michael O’Neill and their collaborators empty the contents of their minds and turn in their hands everything from gender identity to the tension between artistic autonomy and commercial success.

United in Labor are mantras of the self-loathing, the chant of the penitent, the protest of the oppressed, the elation of the reckless. “I Don’t Care” is a lunar landscape of a song, its bleak sentiment underscored by the pulse and stutter of synth lines competing with Samson’s voice, at once a clarion call and a resignation. First single, electro-pop gem “All The Way Thru” co produced with Yuksek (The Krays, Peter & The Magician) is equal parts shambling and tense, with vocals that glide like halcyon-age Madonna. On “Making Art,” Samson perfects the alchemy she’s become known for with the help of producer Alex Suarez (Cobra Starship)– a statement on culture laced in love and cloaked in kin.

Above all, Samson and her outfit want a connection. “I want people to feel feelings,” she says. “Some songs are pop songs, and some are experiential in nature. Many of them are depressing, some of them are joyous.”